Everything You Need To Know About WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp is the most popular instant-text application on the planet.

If you’re looking for a platform in order to share your thoughts and ideas with your loved ones, friends and families then make sure to download the application, install the application, register a free account, and start sharing your thoughts and ideas with your loved ones, friends, and families.

WhatsApp can help you with lots of things.

This means you can do a lot of things on the platform.

You can share text messages, you can share media files like images and videos, and even the documents like PDF, PPT, WORD, TEXT, etc.

If you’re looking for a platform in order to connect with your loved ones, friends and families then make sure to start using it right now.

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If you want to connect with like-minded people then there is nothing like WhatsApp.

You can create a free WhatsApp group.

In order to create a WhatsApp group, you need to open WhatsApp and need to click on the three vertical dots, you’ll find at the top of the application.

When you click on that, it’ll show you some options.

Now, you need to click on the NEW GROUP tab.

When you click on that, it’ll ask you to create a WhatsApp group. Now, you need to add people to the group.

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Make sure, you can add up to 256 people at a time.

If you want to add more than that then you may need to create a second group.

Once your WhatsApp group is created, now, you’re ready to share your thoughts and ideas with your group members.

If you want to share your current or live location with your loved ones, friends, and families then WhatsApp can help you with that.

In order to share the location, you need to open WhatsApp.

Once the application opens, now, you need to select the CHAT where you want to share your location.

Now, you need to click on the PAPERCLIP-like icon, which you’ll find inside the CHATBOX.

When you click on that, it’ll show you some options.

Now, you need to click on the LOCATION tab.

When you click on that, it’ll ask you to share your location.

Make sure to select the interval and click on the SHARE button in order to share the location.

Once the location is shared, now, the person with whom you shared your location can now track your position.

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WhatsApp application is quite popular.

It has over 2 billion users and over 5 billion downloads.

WhatsApp has some limitations.

Many third-party developers, develop their own applications just like WhatsApp with some extra features.

You can also say that there is multiple unofficial version of the WhatsApp or WhatsApp replicas.

In this article, we’ll talk about one of the famous replicas of WhatsApp called WhatsApp Plus.

If you want to use WhatsApp Plus then you need to download its unofficial APK from the source.

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Make sure, there are many websites on the web that claim that they sell WhatsApp Plus.

Just like WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus is free to use and anyone can use it on their device.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about WhatsApp Plus.

Make sure to stay with me in order to learn something new.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

Sometimes, you may come across a situation when you get bored with WhatsApp features.

You may need some extra features and functionality.

WhatsApp Plus is the best option for that. Make sure to download the unofficial version of WhatsApp called WhatsApp Plus.

Once the APK is downloaded, now, you need to install it.

When you install the application, it’ll ask you to allow the UNKNOWN SOURCE.

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When you click on allow, your APK will install on your device.

Once the APK is installed, now, you can open it and can use it for free.

Make sure, not to pay for it.

If you want extra functionality you may need to change the font of the text, you may need to change the theme, you may need to share some extra stickers, etc.

WhatsApp Plus can better do that.

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Is it safe to use WhatsApp Plus?

Well, the direct answer to this question is a big NO!

If you’re looking for some extra functionality of the application then make sure to use this application.

You can use the normal WhatsApp but if you really want to use an advanced application then you should try this one.

WhatsApp Plus is a great alternative for your WhatsApp needs.

WhatsApp is safe because it is owned by a big tech giant called FACEBOOK.

WhatsApp officially said that they do not keep any personal information on their servers.

On the other hand WhatsApp Plus, we can’t say anything about this.

We don’t know where the messages will be saved before receiving the receiver’s end.

WhatsApp is highly secure by the 256-bit end-to-end encryption but we can’t say anything about WhatsApp plus whether it is secure or not.

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Difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus:

Now, come to the different parts. Why you should use WhatsApp Plus instead of WhatsApp and why you shouldn’t use it, all the aspects, I’m gonna tell you.

1. WhatsApp is secure and owned by FACEBOOK whereas WhatsApp Plus is not owned by any company.

You can say the creator is unknown.

2. WhatsApp is using its own servers for storing and sending private messages.

WhatsApp itself claims that it never saves any data to its servers.

WhatsApp Plus doesn’t claim anything like this.

3. WhatsApp Plus comes out with lots of features that you may not be able to find in normal WhatsApp.

4. WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus both are free to use and you can download them for free without giving a single penny.

5. WhatsApp application you can find on PlayStore and App Store.

Make sure to go there and download the application.

WhatsApp plus you can’t find on PlayStore or App Store.

You need to download it from a third-party source.

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6. WhatsApp official is easy to install, you just need to open the store and need to search for the application.

Once the application is find, now, you need to click on the INSTALL button and the installation will start whereas with WhatsApp Plus you need to download APK for that.

After that, you need to customize your phone settings and then you’ll be able to install the application.

7. WhatsApp applications can’t be banned completely from the world but WhatsApp Plus is an unofficial version and it can be banned anytime.

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8. Make sure, WhatsApp Plus you can’t find on PlayStore or AppStore whereas WhatsApp application you can easily find on the stores.

These are the basic differences that you should take care of.

If you still, want to install WhatsApp Plus then make sure to uninstall WhatsApp Official from your device because you can run a single WhatsApp account on a single device.

Make sure to take a backup of all of your data on your cloud as well as your local device as well.

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Bottom lines:

WhatsApp Plus can be the best platform but if you want security and you want your conversation should be secure then make sure to use the official version of WhatsApp.

If you have any further questions or want to suggest something then make sure to mention it in the comments down below.

WhatsApp can be the best platform but make sure there are lots of players out there.

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