How To Use WhatsApp In China

How to use WhatsApp in China?

Have you ever tried to access WhatsApp in China?

You’ll probably not get access to the service.

Chinese government bans lots of services in their country.

Not even WhatsApp, you can’t even access Facebook, YouTube, etc. There are tons of services you can’t get access to that.

The question is how you can get access to these services even in China.

Most of the time you visit some site that you may not get access and it shows something that this content is not available in your country right?

Some websites may not get access because these websites are local and these sites are only for their own countries.

If you want to get access to these sites then you need to use a third-party service called the VPN also known as a virtual private network.

Here I’m gonna share with you how you can get access to this content and can get access to these websites.

Let’s take the example of China and WhatsApp.

You know you have not accessed WhatsApp. Instead of WhatsApp, Chinese people use WeChat developed by Tencent.

WeChat is also an amazing application just like WhatsApp.

You can use WeChat in China instead of WhatsApp but you can’t get access to WhatsApp on a Chinese number.

If you want to use WhatsApp on a Chinese number then here is the solution for you.

You should use the VPN also called the Virtual Private Network.

Let’s understand what a is VPN and how we can get access to this.

Every electronic device that can get access to the internet has an address or what we call the IP address.

IP means Internet Protocol addresses.

Means Let’s take an example, you’re living somewhere in your home.

Your home must be an address for locating your current position.

Suppose I need to send you something to your home then I’ll assign your address on the parcel and then I’ll send it through various mods.

It may be by road, by train, by air, etc. Your home has a particular address that’s why I can send you the stuff and can easily recognize you.

When I send you something then it can easily reach you because you have assigned an address to your home and that’s why I can easily locate your physical location.

Same as it is every device by which we can get access to the internet has a particular address and that addresses what we call the IP address.

Now come to the point, what is the role of a VPN while accessing the internet?

Suppose I want to get access to a video on YouTube and that content is only available to US people.

I’m sitting here in India. How I can get access to it?

Here is the role of the VPN.

Before deep dive into the topic of VPN, let’s understand, how the internet works.

Suppose you’re using a laptop to get access to the internet.

Now you connect your home WIFI and open a browser.

After that, you’ll type a web address at the URL part and you’ll see the website will open on your browser.

Basically, your laptop is an electronic device that has a particular address, as I already explained it has an IP address.

When you use your laptop for browsing a website it sends a request to your modem.

Your modem is again an electronic device, it also has a particular IP address and it sends the request to your ISP also called the internet service provider.

ISP is a company that provides internet services.

When the request reaches the ISP, it’ll transfer to the server you have requested for and it receives the request and the server knows from where the request is coming.

Servers know I’m sitting in India and raising a request for that particular domain or IP.

It’s a reply with access to the data and website stars downloading into my laptop.

That’s the complete process of the internet. Everything you’re browsing on the internet is going with an address.

Now again come to the point, if the main server knows from where you’re raising the request it totally depends on that server whether that server may give you access to the content or not.

Suppose the server is in the US and you’re raising the request from here in India and the server restricted the country then you may not get access to that content.

Sometimes your government may block that content by an Internet firewall.

Every country has some ISP and every ISP is restricted by government rules and regulations, so if the government bans a particular web address to download from India, it means you’ll not get access to that domain or website, or IP.

Now here is the role of VPN.

VPN has some private servers across the globe.

There are tons of VPNs you’ll find on the internet, some are free, some paid and even you’ll see the freemium as well.

Sometimes you may go somewhere in public places like coffee shops, restaurants, airports, etc. where you’ll get access to the free WIFI.

Free WIFI means free internet.

Do you think is it really safe?

Of course not because you’re using the free WIFI, which means if there is an expert hacker out there, you can easily get access to what you’re visiting from that WIFI.

Yes, that’s true. Here you can also use the VPN to block hackers to get access to the data.

Make sure if you’re not using the VPN then you should avoid doing an online transaction on public WIFI because it can be dangerous for you.

Your data can be leaked and can reach hacker’s hands.

Make sure to download a VPN application and when you get access to free WIFI, make sure to ON VPN first and then browse the internet.

Now, how VPN can save your life?

VPN companies established private servers in different countries.

Some countries may allow it, some may not. It totally depends on government laws and regulations.

Different countries have different laws and regulations.

Now when you adopt the VPN service.

If you’re using a smartphone, Android or iOS, or any other operating system, you just need to download an application open the application then select the country you want to connect to.

Press the on button and that’s it. You’ll connect to that particular country server.

If you’re using a PC or laptop then you may need to download the software and then you need to install it into your system and get access to it.

Now, what happens if we connect to that server?

When you get access to a VPN, when you raise the request for a particular domain or IP address the request will first go to that particular private server from your WIFI modem and then the service provider to that country’s VPN server.

Now the VPN server will forward that request to that particular domain or website you want to get access to.

Now the main server analyses the request and the server will get that, you belong to the same country and you’ll get access to that website, is that simple?

So VPN is good, right? You can also use a VPN application on your smartphone device when you visit China next time.

If you want to stay there then you must need to use the VPN because as I already told if you’ll purchase a Chinese mobile number then you should have a VPN network for getting access to WhatsApp.

Here I’m gonna share with you some of the best VPNs around the globe you can start using now.

How to get access to the Internet in China?

The Internet can be easily accessible in China.

There are tons of public spots where you can get access to free WIFI.

This public WIFI you can use for doing your daily online stuff.

Make sure before using the public WIFI you must need to use third-party VPN services so that your activity can be hidden from the Chinese government and also from hackers as well.

If you want to get access to the public Internet then you should avoid interacting directly with the public WIFI.

You can also purchase a Chinese SIM and can easily get access to the internet on your smartphone or smart devices like tablets and laptops.

If you’re an International user then you should carry a passport with you and just need to go to any telecom store and ask for a SIM. You can easily get access to a SIM card. Insert the SIM card and start using the Internet.

VPN you can start using now:

1. Express VPN in China:


The first one on the list. Express VPN is an award-winning VPN you can start using now.

It is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Smart TV, Chrome, and Firefox as well.

Express VPN has a strict no-backlog policy, which means no one can get an idea about what you’re browsing and which web pages and websites you’re getting access to right now.

Not even later can anyone get access to the logs. It’s fully encrypted and secure. Express VPN was started in 2009 and they have millions of users now.

2. Nord VPN in China:


Here is one more great VPN server for you. It’s Nord VPN you can start using it.

I strongly consider not to use the free services because it maybe doesn’t have any log policies and your data may be hacked by these free services. Spent some money and buy the genuine services so that later you may not get into trouble.

With over 100 servers around China, you can easily get access to various services like Netflix, HBO, HULU, Amazon Prime, etc.

Nord VPN has a better customer response, you can check it out at the official website.

Nord VPN also has no log policies so make sure to purchase it if you’ll find it helpful.

You can get 30 days’ money back if the service does not suit your requirements.

3. Surfshark:


Surfshark is another high-end encrypted VPN. You can start using it right now.

With high-end encryptions and no logs will be more secure and reliable.

You can use it on your laptop, PC, or mobile as well.

Make sure to purchase it and start using it.

It has over 1041 servers around the world and near China as well.

You can get access to various services like HBO, HULU, Amazon Prime, uTorrent, WhatsApp, Facebook, and a lot more.

You can use it on almost all devices.

4. Use your mobile settings:

There is one more and best option for you to set up your own VPN settings.

Some time may be possible that these services won’t work for you then there is one more trick for you to get set up your own VPN servers.

Yes, it’s entirely possible.

You need to go to your phone settings and need to visit more settings.

In more settings options you’ll find the VPN option there.

Enable the option and click on the plus sign to add a VPN.

There are lots of free services available. You just need to visit the VPNBook.

You’ll find lots of free servers. You can securely connect to these servers.

Connect to any of these servers and the login ID and password will be the same for all the servers.

For more details, you can watch the video mentioned below.

Bottom Lines:

I hope you enjoyed the article. It’s really hard to stay without online communication websites and applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

If you’re far from home or planning to move to China make sure your preparation should be enough. It’s not enough to just have backpacks.

You need to think about technical aspects as well. I hope you found the information helpful.

Make sure to comment down below and don’t forget to share the content with your friends and family.

Tell me which VPN you’re using right now.

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