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Nowadays, it is the age of technology.

Now everything is done through technology.

Technology has developed so much that everyone can comfortably see their distant friends and relatives from home.

Through many internet applications, we can talk to anyone in the country and abroad.

Nowadays it is very easy to call or watch someone from home. You can see your relatives and friends right from home, how they are.

Now with the help of technology, it’s become very easy to contact anyone.

There are so many applications available on the internet for calling or texting.

You can easily contact your relatives and friends through these applications. LINE APK is one of them and very different from other calling messenger applications.

LINE APK is a type of messenger where you can easily contact others through voice calls, messages, and especially through video calls.

This application was launched in June 2011.

This application is available in 17 languages. So there is no problem with language. You can easily use this LINE APK without any problem.

LINE APK is a free app for instant communications on electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.

This application’s users exchange their texts, images, video, and audio, and conduct free conversations and also conduct free conference calls.

You can connect with 200 group calls at a time through this application. Through this application You can send messages with awesome themes and also with awesome stickers.

This LINE APK messenger offers fresh and unique communication compared to other similar applications.

You can talk to your friends face to face and enjoy this video chat too much by using this application. This application is also very useful for business meetings.

You can easily organise a meeting at home. You can connect approx 200 people at a time for meetings.

You can connect both individual calls or group calls through this application. LINE APK is a really nice messenger for free video calls and messages. 

Download size of this application is not too much. You can download this application on your android phone and your pc. The download size of this application LINE APK is 84MB.

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Features of this application LINE APK:



There are so many fantastic features of this application. After knowing these features, you cannot stop yourself from downloading this application.

– This application provides you with Free voice and video calls anywhere, anytime. You can Enjoy great quality calls at no charge, no matter where you are.

You can even connect with  international calls with up to 200 people at the same time.

– This application offers you Convenient chats where anything is possible like Share messages, photos, videos, stickers, voice messages, and you can also share your locations easily with your friends. 

– The most amazing feature of this application is you can call your friends who aren’t on this application LINE APK.  This feature is not provided by other similar applications.

– This Application offers you a personalized storage space.

In space, you can keep your messages, photos, videos, and much more stored safely until you want them to be shared with your friends.

– The best feature of this application, LINE APK, is that this application also offers paid calls to any mobile devices and any landline users, in addition to free user-to-user calls and text messages.

This application has really fantastic features.

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How to download this application LINE APK:

It is very simple to download this application on your mobile or personal computer. You can easily download this application by the given following steps.

– To download this application you should click on the download button which is given below.


– After clicking your Downloading will start and it takes a short time to complete download because it depends on your internet connection.

– Now your LINE APK application successfully downloads. And you have to search the downloaded file in the file manager.

– After searching you should click on the install option to install this application. And it’s a few seconds to complete the installation.

– Now your LINE APK is completely installed on your device. You can use LINE Messenger by logging in with your mobile number. Now your application LINE APK is ready to use.

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Review of this application LINE APK:

– Really this application is very useful for connecting with my many friends at a time. I Really enjoyed it through this application.

– This application is much better than other similar messenger applications. I have fun by sharing messages with many stickers with my friend. This application also has a lot of themes. And these are amazing for use.

– This application offers me free video calls and I connect with many people for business meetings. Really this application LINE APK is very nice.


– Is this application free for voice and video calls?

Yes, this application is totally free for video and voice calls. You can connect free calls and messages with your friends.

– Can I share images and videos with my friends through this application?

Yes, of course, you can easily share images and videos with your friends through this application. You can also share many funny stickers with your friends through this LINE APK.

– Can I talk to my relatives on video call who live abroad?

Yes, you can talk to anyone on video call either if they live abroad or in the same country. This is free through this application. You can also connect with many people simultaneously at one time through this LINE APK.

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You can enjoy free video and voice call services anywhere and at any time through this application LIME APK.  You should not worry about where you are.

You just enjoy the calls which are free of charge. The 200 individuals’ group call even internationally is free through this application.

You want to have more fun during these video calls, you should use various in-app effects and filters.

You can connect both individual calls or group calls through this application. LINE APK is a really nice messenger for free video calls and messages.

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