Ganna – Everything You Need To Know

Ganna app is India’s largest online music OTT streaming application.

The Gaana app provides you with unlimited streaming.

Users of the Gaana app can listen to music in different 21 languages.

But the major languages are Hindi, English, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Telugu, Tamil, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Haryanvi, Urdu, Assamese, Odia, and other Indian regional languages.

In India, there are over 200 million monthly users.

The Gaana app launched on April 2010: 11 years ago. You can use it on different platforms like web browsers, windows, android,macOS, and iOS.

There are 150 million members in the Gaana app all over the world. You can use the Gaana app all over the world.

The official website of Gaana is all know that when we are traveling somewhere, it gives a lot of fun. If you want to add more fun, you listen to songs on the Gaana app.

We all know that songs or good music can make us happy or make our day brighter. Some people don’t like to download songs on their mobile phones or create several playlists on their phones.

It means these people like to listen to songs in flow or pick a song that sounds great and they can listen to these songs again and again.

The Gaana app is a perfect option for you because, in the Gaana app, you can easily listen to Bollywood songs and radio for free.

The developer of Gaana is Times Internet. Gaana app users can make their playlist and allows the user to public it so other users can also see their playlist.

Users can also buy a subscription to Gaana. In India, you have to pay 99rs in a month for a subscription, and outside India, users have to pay 3.99 dollars per month.

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How grows from starting

You can download it from APKSpin.

  • First was registered on 21 June 2005 and launched in April 2010.
  • In February 2013 formed a partnership with the South Indian Music Companies Association. Through this partnership, they got rights to music from 79 different labels. After getting rights they have access to more than 45+ million songs. Consequently, Gaana generated US 5 million dollars for Times Internet in a year.
  • Finally, in May 2018, launched its personal music streaming app. In-app they give many features and voice assistant features are one of them.
  • In July 2020 Gaana app produced a short video feature named Hotshot, after the ban of TikTok which was banned by the Indian government. In this feature, Indians can make short videos by using snappy tools. Users can watch it and also like, comment, or share it on WhatsApp.

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Features of gaana app


There are so many features in the Gaana app. You can see 5 options in a bar, below on the screen.

Home- In the home tab you can listen randomly to any songs as per your mood. If you are not getting any good songs at random you can search it also by typing and speaking.

You can listen to songs over 45 million Hindi Songs, Bollywood Music, English MP3 songs, regional songs and Mirchi play.

There are so many variations in songs so you can easily find your favorite songs here.

You can also listen here old songs here of the 90s which is a very good option for older people they do not have to find anywhere you can easily click on the 90s and you can see so many old songs.

Subscription- When you take a subscription to the Gaana app you will get 3 facilities that are absolutely good for users. The facilities are HD music, AD free streaming, and unlimited downloads. By HD music you will feel the song sounds better.

In this, you will listen to songs that are more crisp and clear. By AD free streaming you will not get any type of AD when you are using the Gaana app or playing any song. You will get a more good experience after Ad-free streaming.

With unlimited downloads, you can download unlimited songs in the Gaana application. Which will help you to listen to offline songs.

When you don’t have internet to play online songs you easily enjoy your downloaded songs. For buying a subscription you have to pay 399rs for one year,549rs for 15 months pack, and 199 for one year ( students pack).

Podcast- In this option, you can listen to podcasts of different categories like The Ranveer Show and Indian murder mystery.

Podcasts are a very good option because it is a nice way to listen to content without watching it.

You can listen to it while doing work like running, walking, doing laundry, or while doing any work you can listen to it.

Search – Search is a very good option for Gaana users because in this you can easily speak any song or Podcast and you will get it easily.

Buzz- In this option, you can see or read content in the form of stories, articles, photos, videos, galleries, online polls, etc. This is a good way to take information of surrounding or related to ganna content.

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Frequently ask questions

Q1- What is gaana music ?

Ans- Gaana is an online music streaming app. You can listen to music in 21 different Indian languages. Gaana is a top music online streaming app. Which is a very good thing.

Q-2 Can I use the Gaana app outside India ?

Ans- Gaana is an online music streaming app and it provides free and licensed music. Yes, you can use it outside India because it provides services all over the world.

Q3- Is gaana app for free?

Ans- Yes you can listen to music for free in any language. But you can also buy a subscription to the Gaana app as per your wish.

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It is a safe and secure application for music streaming with the trust of millions of users.

You can switch it and use it for your personal use as well as for parties.


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