As per Rotten Tomatoes, it has a terrible 29% score, and people say the web series fails to deliver what it had promised.

Here some of the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes can be illustrated in further slides.

Brian Tallerico says that "Sadly, the potential of Echoes starts to drain before the premiere is even over as it gets goofier and goofier in a way that’s not entertaining but frustrating. And then it makes the opposite mistake, over-explaining everything about its story through dull flashbacks and interrogation scenes." He adds, "For four episodes, Echoes defiantly makes almost no sense."

Brian Lowry warns that "Echoes begins looking like an enticing plunge and doesn't quite pull itself out of the shallow end of that gene pool."

Adrian Horton writes "Unfortunately, little of the tension you could infer from [Echoes'] description makes it to the screen in this seven-episode series, which has some wild gesticulations but featherweight emotional heft."

Lauren Piester declares that Echoes "becomes something a whole lot weirder and a whole lot more interesting than most that have come before."

User B A comments "A lot of twists and turns if you can ignore the glaring weakness in the show. It is a small city in Virginia run by Hollywood. A small rural town chuck full of LGBTQ people, the 'good' man who is 100% ok if his married girlfriend wants to abort their baby, the loving husband faithfully supporting his adulterous wife sleeping with her brother-in-law and aforementioned boyfriend. You know - Hollywood values ..."

Marilyn C writes "Bad. Is just so bad. The plot is ridiculous, acting painfully bad, with a million twists and turns that take you nowhere. Do not waste your time."

A user named "The S" gave Echoes a 1/2 star review writing "Holy cow, er…um, horse. This is godawful. Embarrassing. It plays out like a horrible soap opera plot from the 1970s. The acting is atrocious, the plot is laughably unbelievable. Netflix is the kind of unwatchable series that they throw together in a streaming service where it's all quantity and no quality. My apologies to anyone who sat through this…I know your pain."

It's not about the NEGATIVE REVIEWS there are the positive as well.

Peyton S writes "Yes, it was drawn out for too long. 4 or 5 episodes instead of 7 would have worked fine. however, I found myself not able to stop watching and excited to know what would happen next."

Joseph L says in his review "People trashing this show, but compared to what is out there, I thought it was awesome. It's a fun show that sucks you in with a lot of twists. Some of the plot twists are corny but it keeps you mesmerized. As I said, with some of the other offerings in TV watching, it was a pretty good show."

Brock B says "Somehow it hooked me enough to where I went on and unenthusiastically finished it. A bloated mess that suffered from aiming to have "twists" that weren't properly set up. No worthwhile payoff. I regret wasting my time."