A shocking message is seen by Uber's technical experts that say "I announce, I'm a hacker and Uber has suffered a data breach".

This web story is based on an article written by Kate Conger and Kevin Roose.

Uber's expert last Thursday discovered that their system got hacked. They found the breaching of the data and sensitive information.

Hacker claimed that he hacked the Uber system and got access to the emails, cloud storage, and code repositories to cybersecurity researchers and The New York Times.

It has been reported by security engineer Sam Curry, at Yuga Labs. The engineer reported that it was a full breach of the security data.

The company says in its press conference that the engineers are investigating this matter and contacting the enforcement.

Uber employees were instructed not to use any internal way of messaging communication including Slack. The two company employees claim that the messaging system including third-party not accessible.

After Slack was taken down on Thursday the company's expert reported that several databases had been compromised and can't be accessible now. Also, they saw a message that said "I'm a hacker, and Uber suffered data breaches".

The hacker hacked an employee account in the company an Uber spokesperson said.

It has been reported that the hacker got access to the internal databases of the company and posted an explicit photo reported by employees.

The person who hacked the company's resources sent a message to an internal Uber employee claiming to be a corporate information technology person.

These types of social engineering attacks are rising day by day with the companies said Rachel Tobac, CEO of SocialProof Security.

He pointed an attack on Twitter in 2020. Social engineer attacks are on rising with the tech companies and it happened several times with Microsoft and Okta.

Tobac said that attackers are now being smart enough to hack almost any system. They have systems that can do such things without any problem.

The person who hacked the Uber system claimed that he was only 18 years old and working on his cybersecurity skills.

He said that he broke the system because of less secure systems. He also said that the company should increase the pay of Uber drivers.

It's not the first time when company's data was hacked. It was also seen back in 2016 when a person breached the data of an Uber driver's account and demanded $100000.