As per the internal report, it has been predicted that Twitter is losing its most active users who are important for its business.

Is it the end of the social media giant Twitter? Well, can't say because as per the report, the platform is losing users day by day.

As per the report, the real active users are decreasing and the ghost accounts of the platform are way higher than their actual users.

Elon Musk CEO of TESLA INC. has revealed that the platform is facing to retain the users who are important to the company's business.

Elon musk has finally given a deadline for the 44 billion USD deals to buy the platform.

Twitter has almost 10% active users who generate over 90% of tweets daily and help the company generate half of the global revenue.

During the pandemic a writer wrote in one of the notes where the Twitter users are going?

It also found that the advertisers are losing interest because of it's the limited number of words of shared content and also there are not many changes in the recent updates.

Cryptocurrency and NOT FOR SAFE CONTENT i.c. nudity and porn content are also spreading past few months and it's making platforms less attractive.

Twitter continuously declines to tell its actual English-speaking users based and how much it's making from it.

The platform is making more ad revenue in the United States than in other global markets combined with its English-speaking user base.

After so many studies and internal documents, it was not concluded why active users are declining day by day. Nobody can tell why the number of users is decreasing.

From the internal department, it has been declared that the user base of the social media giant is 238 million mDAU in Q2 2022.

Because of spreading nudity and soliciting content, many big brands suspend running ads on the platform. It has been reported that Dyson, PBS Kids, and Forbes suspended advertising due to accounts that were soliciting child pornography on Twitter, Reuters reported in September.

It has been reported previously by Twitter that it has zero child tolerance exploitation and the company is investigating more about it and removing such content and users from its platform.

The internal document shows that the social media giant losing its user base because of losing interest in the topics people sharing on the platform.

It has been reported that the platform losing its users because they are migrating to other platforms like Meta Platforms Inc.’s Instagram and ByteDance’s TikTok, a Twitter researcher wrote.