Instagram one of the most popular social media giants has launched a feature where parents can track how their kids are using the platform.

Instagram provides Indian parents a feature where they can track how their kids are using the platform. They can track what their kids are doing and if they are in trouble or not.

The platform is providing a feature of the Family Center where they can access the supervision of the tools and can track their kid's activities.

Here are the features that you need to learn about them.

The new supervision tool allows them to track how much time their kids are using the platform.

The platform provides a feature where parents can set the limit of usage and can track what activities the kids are doing.

Parents can now view what accounts their kids are following and also who their kids are following.

Parents can now become notified if the child blocks someone on the platform so that it can take into further discussion on this.

Instagram parent Meta closely working with the experts, parents, guardians, and young people from India, to understand the needs of parents and young people.

Instagram also working with to closely look into the concern of child safety.

For parents being supervised to their kid's accounts needs to send the invitation to their kid's accounts.

Instagram also announces adding some more features over time. Also, there is an option called Family center where parents and kids can learn about this feature.

At the family center parents can get access to video tutorials and yes latest tips and tricks.