HCL Technologies fired over 300 employees in a recent job cut who were reportedly working for its client Microsoft.

According to the report on money control, HCL Technologies fired over 300 employees who were working for its client Microsoft on news-related projects.

As per the report, the geographic location of the employees includes Guatemala, the Philippines, and even India, to name a few.

The company stated that the last working day for these employees will be September 30.

One of the employees stated that MICROSOFT had some issues with the quality of the work.

We used to monitor, curate, and edit content for its news platform MSN from across countries like India, Europe, and the US.

The company Microsoft also stated that they automated processes so that's why there may be no need to get service.

Before HCL Burda Media was managing there most of the tasks. Because of this mass fire, you may see services impacted including trending on Bing, Geopolitical news curation, comment moderation, tabloid hit apps, and transformation by Teams.

The source also reveals that HCL's contract with Microsoft is now being ended and the company is looking to pass on this to some other vendor.

HCL is moving into the mass fire when the tech industry faces a lot of issues.

Recently you may also hear that some companies including Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, and many others have laid off some employees or an entire department, blaming the economic crisis.

Google CEO Sunder Pichai has warned to give their 100% and ask their managers to closely monitor the productivity of the tasks.