A startup company wants to provide high-speed internet connection using software and networking technologies from an abandoned moonshot.

In an earlier period of its history, Google was famous for pursuing a range of long-shot projects such as space elevators, as well as kites that doubled as wind turbines.

Another great project was Loon based on providing high-speed internet connection in the area where it's not possible traditionally.

The company already shut down the project last year and it's uncertain whether someone will again build such kind of thing or not.

But it was a great idea to serve the internet connection at a long distance possible.

Earlier this year, a group of Google R&D veterans founded Aalyria Technologies, a startup meant to breathe new life into their innovations.

One part of Aalyria centers on taking software used by the Loon group and turning it into a cloud-based system for managing complex networks that connect things like satellites, planes, and boats with high-speed internet.

Another part of the startup has repurposed the second set of former Google wares to create a line of laser-based wireless networking equipment.

In Livermore, Calif, where it's office-cum laboratory, there are two groups of engineers working on this project.

Companies such as SpaceX and Amazon.com Inc. are in the process of launching satellites that beam down the internet connection. This internet connection will connect planes, boats, cars, drones, etc.

The company is dedicated to providing high-speed internet connection in remote locations where it's difficult to provide.

The Aalyria software system was known as “Minkowski” inside Google and was used to connect the Loon balloons and other aerospace assets.

The wireless technology project they call the Sonora and it's never been disclosed to the public before.