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Technology helps businesses to expand their growth and reach across the globe.

Technology developed by creators has its values and attitude on how it can help to solve a particular problem.

Technology helps drive businesses and people to solve a particular problem.

Technology helps not only in driving sales and business but also helps shape the business and now we have options to market our business.

Some technology along with its benefits carry some disadvantages as well. Every technology has its meaning why it's developed and how it can help us to make human life better.

Technology should help the disabled people to overcome their problems. In India, 26.8 million people face some type of physical or mental disability. On the worldwide population, this number is cross to over a billion people.

Assistive technology is one of the major segments that companies should focus on to overcome the problems people face due to their disabilities.

Not all people are born with some kind of disability, it can be due to an accident, the lifestyle or sometimes it's an aging issue.

It's clear from the above points that technology is not only for growing businesses but also helps in people to overcome their problems with disability.

Every technology we have right now should be upgraded with this small segment of people facing issues with their disabilities. This segment of people may not be able to use the technology to its fullest.

The companies should focus on the inclusivity of disabled people. They should make their products and services to these segments disability-friendly.