Do you know Echoes is Netflix's number one show but it getting too many bad reviews?

As per Rotten Tomatoes, there are lots of reviews on the series but most of them are negative.

People criticize the web series and give it negative reviews.

Echoes came to the top on 21 August after its release on 19 August.

Let's discuss what is going on with Echoes, and why it's criticized too much by the audience.

Echoes is a mysterious thriller built around an old, but still popular, trope: creepy twins.

eni and Gina (Michelle Monaghan stars in dual roles) share a dangerous secret: the fact that they have been living double lives.

In the whole series these two identical twins eni and Gina fool everyone with their secret.

In the series they have been sharing a pair of homes, husbands, and a child. Fooling them all in the process. That is, until, someone seemingly figures their con out.

The person who figures this out starts sending messages to Leni that he knows the secrets.

In the middle of the series you might be thinking the was Gina had faked her own disappearance.

If you read the description of the series in the middle of the series then you'll realize it's not delivering what it had promised there.

It can be even better if the ending is not where people were expecting it to be.

Still, it's getting popularity, it has tons of bad reviews as per Rotten Tomatoes.