Information Technology company Accenture in association with IIT Madras said on Wednesday, that it would conduct deep technology research to make industries technologies on automation for better productivity.

Areas of collaboration include autonomous robotics systems, industrial Internet of things, digital twin systems, and advanced automotive technologies such as electric mobility services among others.

The Centre of Excellence would also work as an incubator and identify disruptive early-stage startups to drive innovation and research, a press release from IIT Madras said here.

Improvement in the industrial technologies and making them automotive will help to increase productivity and it'll help to reach new heights of productivity for the industries. It'll also help to reduce the cost of managing and running the businesses.

IIT Madras Director Mr. V Kamakoti said that their students are excited to discuss the new future technologies to help drive the industries and discussion about the future scope of developing such automation things.

IIT Madras and Accenture established the Center of Excellence CoE for this and it's now started working on the projects of developing such technologies.

“Advanced digital technologies can help enterprises drive new levels of productivity, competitiveness, and sustainable growth in a fluid and rapidly changing environment, and industry-academia partnerships are crucial for developing solutions and talent for the future,” said Mahesh Zurale, senior managing director, lead Advanced Technology Centers in India, Accenture.

" With the increasing use of digital technologies in manufacturing, breakthrough innovations in areas such as AI, IoT, autonomous robotics systems and digital twins are necessary to fuel the next era of the industrial revolution,” said Raghavan Iyer, senior managing director, of Innovation lead - Integrated Global Services, Accenture Technology.

“Through our collaboration with IITM, we look forward to working with some of the brightest talents in technology to create powerful and purposeful solutions that can drive impact.”

University collaboration has been key to Accenture’s innovation agenda. The company has been collaborating with leading universities around the world to jointly develop forward-looking thought leadership, research, educational programs, and other activities.

Most recently, Accenture collaborated with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bengaluru to establish the Accenture Center for Advanced Computing.