When we talk about mobile devices we often come across two OS. One is Android and another is iOS.

You maybe think of iOS and Android as the features that iOS devices offer why Android is not giving still in Android 13?

Well, here we'll talk about the features that you'll find in iOS 16 but not in android 13.

The first one is the passkey. As you can see iOS devices contain a feature called passkey in terms of security you may not find in Android still.

You may come across a situation when you need to copy the text from an image or a video. In Android, you can copy the text from an image but in iOS, you can now copy text from videos as well.

In Android devices, you may not be able to undo or edit a message you sent with the help of messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. but on iOS devices, you can do it now in iOS 16.

On iOS devices you can find a feature called unit conversion. You can easily convert the units from one to another but in Android, you may need to use a third-party application like Google Lens.

There is another feature called the Lockdown feature. You can enable this feature and prevent spyware attacks on your iOS devices. In Android, there is no such kind of thing.